Empty Campuses, Growing Minds

On Tuesday, this was my vantage point; the campus almost completely empty. There were no classes or lectures, yet that does not mean there was not learning. After all, those things are not necessary for learning…

I graduated from college last May, and I have come to understand that most of what I learned in college was not in the classroom, and I know that I am not finished learning. Even when I was in college, I felt like I taught myself most of the time, which was not much different than what I did in highschool (I was homeschooled, by the way). In interactions with other college students and homeschool students, it has become more apparent to me that learning itself is an attitude or a character trait that you can choose to take upon yourself. You can be in school, yet learn nothing. You can never go to school, yet be more educated and grounded than some individuals who have graduated from college. It seems so easy to blame teachers or a curriculum for lack of learning, but there is no excuse for not learning from and within any and every situation… and in spite of whatever situation you find yourself.

Sitting in class my last semester of college, I got an increasing feeling of school being useless; I guess you could call it “senioritis.” But one verse came to my mind every time I thought of school being worthless: Be admonished: of making many books there is no end and much study is a weariness of the flesh. (Ecclesiastes 12:12) I know, not very encouraging, right? I seriously thought of printing this verse and putting it on the front of my computer, so that, as I sat in class, my teacher could read my thoughts and the thoughts of every single student in their class… but I didn’t do that. Instead, I sat in class, not always silently letting words slide over me like water off a duck’s back… but most of the time. Anyway, back to the topic. Reading, taking tests, studying; my goodness, I felt weary. Every day, I was bombarded by the knowledge of the world, and I am still being bombarded by the knowledge of the world, only I’m not paying for it anymore… or, at least, I hope I’m not. But ultimately, through all this “education” I am receiving, I can always pick out what is most valuable to me and edifying to my heart and soul. Even if lies are being shoved down my throat, I don’t have to accept them, because I feast on truth daily. That is the biggest thing that I learned in college: the wisdom of God will always surpass the “wisdom” that man professes to hold. Even God has written that studying is weariness of the flesh… oh, how right He is.

Even though I graduated from college, have a bachelor’s degree, and an associates, but I am not done learning. I have not yet grasped the full and beautiful plan and wisdom of God – and on this earth, I never will – but pursuing Christ’s wisdom and His glory is worth the fight and worth the weariness. I say weariness, because I usually read my Bible late at night, before I go to bed. However, I often find myself going to bed at far too late a time to even think of reading anything… yet my weariness in flesh is outweighed by my weariness in spirit if I neglect to read God’s Word. So, I put aside what this flesh is telling me and take up the Word that was made flesh. So, I eat of His flesh and drink of His blood with every Word I read and with every Word I write and speak. When I was in school and had to study or write long papers, that gave me weariness in the flesh as well as in the spirit, but only Christ gave me sufficiency to make it through.

Though Ecclesiastes as a whole is a sort of depressing and despairing book, yet the Preacher concludes with this; Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter; Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. Though there is nothing better in life than to eat, drink, and be merry (according to the Preacher), yet we are all still accountable to one God for our actions. So, if our eating, drinking, or merriment do not fall in line with God’s commands, then the life we live truly is vanity… Gaining the world, the highest academic degree, the best job, the greatest house, most lovely or handsome spouse… all these are vanity without Christ.

All of your studying, work, or exercise; what or who is it for? Is it for your glory and solely for your benefit? Ultimately, you may be benefited by your actions, but is that benefit eternal? Take a good hard look at the works of your hands and discern whether they be for God or whether your sweat and tears have been for a treasure that will ultimately perish in fire. After all of life, Jesus is faithful. He provides, sustains, and gives the wisdom that we need. Give glory and honor where it is due. Take time out of your day to sing God’s praise and to soak in His wisdom. The Lord knows you have soaked in enough “wisdom” of the world today; what you really need is truth and rest found in God’s Word, His Spirit, and in sweet fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. Surely, our Abba has brought us through so much, and I know that He will cause to prosper all the words and works of our hands that are done in and through Him. Amen.

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