No Time


The months seem shorter than they used to be.
Passing swiftly to the next New Year’s Eve.
Like a feather drifts upon the wind, the years fly by.
Each turn, erratic, unknown, yet a beautiful surprise.

One more week, one more month,
One more year, but one day, dust.
But until the day when all is ended,
I want this time to be well invested.
Not as though I only lived once,
But as though each day could be my last.

I must live intentionally and wise,
Never wasting, but investing my time:
Working diligently until the job is well done,
Whether at work, at home, or just in my heart;
Loving family, friends, and strangers,
Knowing that souls are worth the danger;
Holding fast to the faith of the cross,
Counting all the world’s gain as loss;
Fixing my eyes on Jesus, my King,
Though for now I see through a glass darkly.

One more minute, one more hour,
One more day, and time will turn sour.
There is no way to turn back the clock,
The game will be over, but time won’t stop.
Here comes eternity, for which I invested.
I gave my heart; Jesus gave me Heaven.

At that day, I will see Him face to face;
My God, my Love, Amazing Grace.
So, as the days, weeks, months, and years fly by,
I know that, at every moment, Heaven is nigh.


Lately I have been thinking how time as flown; time is so fleeting. It felt like I was in college forever, but now I have a job and it’s only sunny weather… Not really. Adult life is full of ups and downs, and so many things that I have not yet found out. Don’t get me wrong, growing up is exciting, but looking back is so tempting, and it makes the future that much more frightening. From my youth I have known “my God is so big, so strong, and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do.” But as I have grown, I have also come to know that the sky will soon crack, the stars will tumble, and the strength of my God will be seen by all people… It is a balance to be a child, yet be growing in grace, knowing that with knowledge also comes pain. One day, my God will come crashing in and all people will bow before Him, whether due to hopeless terror or complete adoration. The world around me is changing, drifting further and further from grace. And here I am in the middle, seeking to grow in faith and growing older in age, trying to cling to the truth of Christ, knowing that eternity is worth more than the pleasures of this life; at least, I pray I am learning that lesson and not just becoming more of the problem.

IMG_20151010_012838So, though the food served here is confusion and doubt (neither cold nor hot and fit only to be spit out), I will dive into the Word to learn more of the Son and allow His Spirit to transform the heart He has won. I fix my eyes on Jesus, my saving grace, and I groan for His Kingdom, to see Him take His rightful place. But first, He takes His place in my heart, which is where revival starts. Surely, there is no time like the present to place my time in my Abba’s hands, tossing aside my little dreams and grabbing hold of His grand plans. Amen.


Published by: Sarah Jo

Growing up is a taxing process (sometimes, literally), but I have chosen to grow in Christ and in His grace. He is so faithful to me and I have no room to complain, so I seek to show my gratitude through writing blog posts and songs, and speaking forth my gratitude in front of coworkers, friends, family, and total strangers. I am a little lost, but completely found; a child in the faith, and taking huge steps. I have so much to learn, but the point is that I will get there by the grace of my Abba.

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