It is Blind Insanity to see Foundations in Rubble; they were meant to last.
If only A “Mirror” Tells the Truth, but what glass reflects will surely pass.
Who… or What… Defines You? Everyone asks that question,
But the answer is a lot like the Youtube Comment Section;
No agreement, only debate and argument, and the debaters are left bereft.
They are defined by lines, dots, and dashes, and all I ask is; Are You Ready to Pray?
Because this is the real world, where sorrow cannot just be explained away.

Prayer requires humility of spirit; Don’t Pat Yourself on the Back;
But pride says, I Didn’t Go to Church Today, and professes to be glad.
But when humility and God are trampled in the dust, tombs begin to open up.
Pride tries to cover the truth, but Remembrance is Mandatory, and it continues.
Those who Turn the World Upside-Down still eat the bread and drink from the cup.
They still give their lives in pursuit of God, knowing that God’s Design, The Greatest Sign,
Has been sitting before blinded eyes that need to be opened to the Light of Christ.

YOLO? Um, No. The call is Ready, Set, Ready, but where will you go?
Of Dreams and Diamonds, there seems no end, but all will fade.
Life itself will give way, leaving Empty Campuses, Growing Minds,
Or Empty Campuses, and those left dying, deaf, and hopelessly blind.
Politically correct will die as the living go Soaring on Wings of the Son.
No more running from love, I Run for Food, food that is eternal and untouched by corruption.
And finally I am left Consumed by Grace, Because Jesus Prayed.

Whether I was ready or not, A Breath of Hope eternally filled my lungs.
Dear Sister, Be Strong and of a Good Courage,” the Voice echoes.
No Pain, No Loss, No Gain, No Cross, but the end is Heaven above.
Don’t Concede to Grieve, Just Read, and you will find
“My hands have been outstretched the whole time that you were dying.
Embrace the Reign of the One True King; I AM the One Who loves you.”
But I still sin, Lord, and I am not worthy, though I am Praying for Rarely.

“I pray that prayer for you, too; that sin will die within your members,
“That you would be left A Blessed Wreck before My wonders.
“What is Man that God should care for him? And who are you?
“Yet I declare that you are loved; I AM Grace in the Storm.
“I AM here with hope from above; Do You Hear Heaven Calling?
“Surely, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, do not lose faith.
“You are Not Sufficient to the task, but I have made a Way.

God used the Dream Before Halloween to wake me up,
Yet I still daydream, though I know Money is Worthless, as well as prestige.
If I Were Paralyzed, with no hope on earth, what would my heart say?
Because every mountain is A Heart Issue at the end of the day.
My Reasons to Humbly Rejoice should not be limited to circumstance;
Whether I see Teardrop Tattoos or Inside the Stable, my heart has reason to dance.
Hello 2016! this message comes a little late, but The Root of Purpose still remains.

This I Know, though I try to boast; I’m Breaking Down Today.
I Am Not Better than him or her, but I know there is hope On The Other Side.
Though the world and what it brings is Painfully Real,
That gives me no excuse to wear only my Birthday Suit.
I am not Unwanted, though I sometimes forget when I am Zoned Out,
But God remains steadfast; Behold Our Broken Hearts!
We have brought this pain and sorrow upon ourselves.

In a world of compromise, I Am Alien, saying, “As You Wish,” to God in Heaven.
An Honest Reflection, A Little Piece of Me, would be that I have no idea what I’m doing.
I want to Turn the World Upside Down in 2016, but flounder.
I find that I can only say one thing, “Reign in Me, Jesus, or I will drown.
“Give me grace to Walk Until It’s Heaven, though the way is rough and steep.”
Why Do I Cry? Because Christ has stooped down to carry me.
He says, “Take Courage, Love,” and I reply, “Empty Me Out.”

Jesus has told me This Isn’t Home, yet I ask, “Destination? Uknown.”
I feign to answer myself, but He speaks plainly and prompts me to Take Notes.
“Go through fire, rain, and storm, and find that, Dear Sister, Love Ruins Everything.
“Yet you are Blooming Lately in this harsh environment, because My love transforms.
“I have heard your heart cry, ‘Sit With Me;’ you are discontent.
“But when you finally Wait on the Lord, I answer with Torches in the Rain.
“You wait for what you want, but I have other plans; a world no pain can touch.”

Let it be, Lord Jesus, that They Marveled at how I Believed.
I Will Trust in You whether I walk through flames or through Heaven’s gates.
No storm can bring me to my knees, nor any corrupt law of man.
My body may bend and break, but my eternity is in Your hands.
You are faithful to those who believe, so I will say, “It is Well With My Soul.
In His Time, He will return, and I will be ready to go home”
These are Forgotten Pages no more, Jesus has made me whole.

If you have questions or topics you want me to write about, or you just want to chat, send me an email or post a message on any of my pages.





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