Of Sun and Wind


I am grateful for the Sun that warms my face. I am grateful for the wind that wraps me in its embrace and plays with my hair…

But even if I had none of those things. If the world was only cold and stale, yet my heart would hardly take notice… The presence of my Abba warms my face and sets my heart aflame. His light never sets, but eternally lives in me. His Holy Spirit is like a whirlwind that crashes through my walls, rebuilds, and pushes me on to greater heights.

Jesus, You are with me even now, and the greatest mystery of all is that You would ever love me. You saw me when I was as a beast, took pity on me, loved me, and drew me out of darkness and into Your cleansing light. I am eternally changed and forever grateful. I am Your beloved and You are mine. You have called me Beautiful, and You are continuing to make me so.

When You finally call me home and set me free from these bars of human flesh, I pray that I would be ready. Please give me courage to take every opportunity to love as You would have loved and to teach as You would have taught. My sojourn here is so short, and my time management skills are appalling, so I pray that You would make me fruitful; that You would take my mustard seed and ensure that it grows into a tree. I rest by the river of Your grace; I take my sustenance and courage from You. May Your name be glorified within and through my life, Lord Jesus. Amen and Amen.


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