Singing in Harmony



Sometimes, I get the urge to sing in harmonies never sung before; to let my voice move wherever the wind of words may lead.

Normally, I am constrained and follow the rules of the page, but I don’t actually know how to read music, so when I follow the page, I am actually just following the loudest person singing.

But what if I am supposed to be the loudest person? What if I am meant to set the tone and everyone else is supposed to follow my lead?

Quite frankly, that is a terrifying prospect.

When I am the loudest, then everyone would notice if I lose the note and go off-key.

There is great responsibility and accountability attached to taking the lead.

In the spotlight, all doubts and fears must be put aside, because everyone is looking to you to show them the way.

I get lost sometimes, and forget what note I left off with and what word comes next. So, taking the lead is not easy for me. I also realize the weight of being the person that everyone looks to.

All eyes may be on me, but I am just trying to get from A to B without ruffling too many feathers.

The true depth of metaphors can be lost on the focused reader or attentive listener. It is a habit of most to take metaphors at face value, without thinking too deeply on the implications of such fancy word usage. But I don’t want you to become lost here.

Yes, I sing, and I like to sing new and possibly over-the-top harmonies, but a harmony is meant to build up the melody, not tear it down. If the loudest voice is in the harmony line, then the chances are that the beauty of the song will be completely lost on the hearer. To their ears, dissonance would present itself, and they may be turned off of music altogether, or at least the kind represented by that particular show.

The point is that voices are meant to be raised in song, but if everyone is singing and no one is reading the music or cares to follow the lead, then the beauty of the message and the melody will be lost to those listening.

I am not supposed to be the loudest person. I am not meant to take the lead, but I know the One Who is.

He is the One Who wrote the music, directs it, and leads; all at the same time. He knows what parts we all should sing, and He even appoints some people to take the lead. For those Who are chosen, He equips them with the words to sing and the wisdom to know how to sing those words.

If I were called or put to the test, I could lead, but I would still have no reason to boast or think highly of myself. I follow the lead of the Author and Finisher; I am lost without His guidance and grace; I will always be His follower. And if I truly mean to follow Him, then I must be prepared to ruffle some feathers; basically, His whole ministry involved ruffling feathers.

So, what is His name, you ask?

His name is Jesus Christ.

I follow His lead, because He died for me, rose from the grave, and is seated on High. He has not forsaken any of His children; the ones who have chosen to folow His melody, and sing in harmony with one another. I know that He hears our songs, and continues to lead those with willing and faithful hearts.

All I want is to be willing, faithful, and able to sing the words He has called me to sing.

Perhaps my songs will only reach a few people and only few will look to me to lead, but that does not make the words I sing, or the things I do, any less powerful or important.

In the face of indelible grace, I am left with no words to say and no songs to sing. And if not for grace, I would have no reason to speak or to sing. So, it is because of grace that I sing; whether in harmony or in the lead. When I follow Jesus, I know the song will ultimately turn out alright… And that is the understatement of eternity.


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