It’s Never Too Much


Have you ever felt so stressed and worried that you couldn’t sleep? Have you ever eaten too much or eaten too little just because you had too much on your mind? Have you ever lost loved ones, and wondered how you could go on without them? Have you ever taken on projects, only to realize too late that you were crazy for thinking you could do so much at once?

Have you ever cried out to God, sweating water and blood due to the anguish of your soul? Have you ever chosen to take a beating for the sake of a stranger, or even a friend or family member? Have you ever gotten up from that beating and forgiven those who beat you down and those who abandoned you?

There is no way I can gloss over the truth that the trials we face are difficult, and it is impossible to go through life without weeping at some point. Even Jesus wept. At times, He was overwhelmed by the burden of His calling, yet He submitted to the will of His Father; believing that nothing was too much for Him. Out of obedience, love, and faith, Jesus got up and walked to Lazarus’ tomb; He rode into Jerusalem and made His presence known; He carried the cross and walked to Calvary; and He rose up from the grave. Each of those acts would not be easy, let alone, possible, for most of us, yet Jesus did them, because He knew His calling and He knew His Father.

Many of you have bowed in sorrow and wept for the pain of this life. Even now, you wish that pain had never come, but you cannot turn back time and change the hearts of men or the plans of God. Eventually, you have to choose to get back up, move forward, and speak life and hope into those who are dead and dying. Someday, you may have to walk to your own death, and there is no assurance that pain will not come again on this road. But just like Jesus and Paul, you must decide now Whom you will serve, trust, and obey. The difficulty or mystery of the road should not sway your decision to keep walking. No matter what comes, Christ in you is the hope of glory. (Colossians 1:27b)

The next time you feel too stressed, too full, too hungry, too tired, too overwhelmed, too insufficient, too imperfect, too unholy, or too anything-negative-you-can-think-of, I want you to remember that nothing is too much for your Abba, because He is everything.

He is good, loving, kind, strong, powerful, wise, never tired, never worried, He never sleeps, and He doesn’t even have to eat. And even though Jesus is the great I AM, yet He still chose to stoop low and walk on this earth, and He still walks with His children today. So, if you walk with Him, then look to Him; trust that He can just as easily be glorified through your weaknesses as through your strengths. Nothing you face is beyond the hand of God to overcome or to bring fruit from. Yes, you may suffer more than you think you could possibly handle, but I implore you to look to Jesus. Lay your burdens at His feet and let Him carry them and you.

Know your calling and know your Father.

Too many people walk through life without a Savior; without a faithful and loving guide, strength, friend, and helper. Everyone needs Jesus, but they won’t know anything about Him unless you speak and move. Your life needs to show that your Abba is always present, faithful, loving, kind, and wise, no matter the pain you suffer. Even if life doesn’t make sense, and everything seems to be going down the drain, keep praising the King of kings and keep trusting that He is victory, for now into eternity. Do not stop the tears from falling, but let them gather at the feet of Christ and let Him use those tears for the glory of His name.

Do not look pain, sorrow, and heartache in the face and tell it that it has no hold on you; look to Jesus, read His Word, pray to Him, trust Him, and let Him remove and/or use pain, sorrow, and heartache in your life.

There is nothing too difficult for God, and if you believe in Jesus as your Savior, then that victorious nature rests on you.

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