Room for Grace

One day, Monday, not so fun day.
One week, one need, one choice to make.
I choose Jesus above the games,
Above the photos of the day,
Above, even, the posts I like to make.

So, goodbye for now, I’ll be back soon.
Hopefully, I’ll be a little wiser, more full;
Filled with the joy that overflows
Into the hearts and lives that surround me
Into the very things I do and think.

If you want to join me in choosing God’s way,
Then please do, but don’t forget this truth,
This action does not save,
Nor can it guarantee a heart will change.
All it does is declutter and create room for grace.


If you have questions or topics you want me to write about, or you just want to chat, then send me an email or post a message on any of my pages.





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