Don’t Worship in Vain

Do you honor God with your lips, but tell Him that your heart is not fully His? Are you in all the right Christian groups; helping out at church, Bible study, vacation Bible school, and summer camps, yet your coworkers or classmates have no idea that you are a follower of Jesus?

If you answered, “Yes,” to the previous questions, then I must tell you that your worship is in vain and the doctrines you teach come from man and not from God.

If it sounds like I’m condemning you, I want you to step back, take a breath and read Mark 7… I have no power to condemn, nor do I have the right. When I read that chapter, and listened to a message on it yesterday, I became really convicted. I, too, feel so unclean and unworthy.

How many times have I worshiped God, knowing that my heart was not in the right place?

There are too many times when I have chosen to play an instrument for God, rather than to be an instrument of God; to sing a song for Jesus, while not bothering to cry out to Him in unscripted and unfiltered prayer.

Is the grace and mercy of God great enough to reach and heal me? Yes. Is His grace and mercy also great enough to make up for my silence and failings? Yes. And if God’s grace can transform me into a holy child, then He can do the same for any life.

I do not condemn you. Instead, I encourage you to know yourself, to know the deep darkness within your own heart and to confess it and lay it at the feet of Jesus. Life is found in knowing Jesus and submitting to Him wholeheartedly. Though Jesus was tempted the same as you and me, yet He always chose His Father’s way, and His decision to obey started within His heart. His heart was pure, so the fruit He produced was pure and powerful.

The only way to do what is right is to be a child of God, because only His presence, His Holy Spirit, can cleanse, refine, redefine, and renew.

Our only hope for holiness is found in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

You are not okay. I am not okay.

Positive thinking cannot save you, nor can a message of peace and prosperity. Jesus is the only One Who has the power to save you, and He came with a message of repentance, which is a turning back from how you used to live and a surrendering of the will to God. When you follow Jesus, you do not enter into a world of peace, you enter into a warzone, where you must choose either to fight the good fight of faith or to give into all the sins that once had you enslaved.

May you choose Jesus above everything and everyone else, and may your faith be more than just words and rules, but a daily surrender and submission to the will of God and to the direction of His Holy Spirit.

Jesus, I echo this prayer in Your ears and before Your eyes. I need You. We all need You. You are not a get-out-of-Hell-free card, You are the Savior of the world, the King of kings, Lord of lords, Father of the fatherless, and Friend to the abandoned. All our lives should be lived out for You and not for our selfish, prideful, and foolish pursuits. Transform us by Your power, Abba. Make us more like Yourself, and give us the courage to keep seeking You and living for You, no matter what the world says and no matter what comes our way. Amen.

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