Life on a Pedestal

I don’t mind praise, I really don’t. Just like many, I get a certain amount of affirmation when people tell me I’m doing a good job or that I’m pretty neat. But I don’t ever want to be put on a pedestal.

Falling off the pedestal

Life on a pedestal is harsh. If all eyes were on me, it would be impossible to hide my flaws and imperfections. One slip up and the pedestal would be knocked out from underneath me, and I would be far worse off than ever before. So, before it gets to that point, I want to have the good sense to step off the pedestal, look people in the eye, and say, “I am not worthy to stand in that place; I am just like you.”

There is no reason for any human being to be placed on a pedestal, no matter how famous, rich, talented, righteous, or beautiful they may be.

It’s far too easy to look at the rich and famous and envy their lot in life, but riches and fame do not equate to life.

I am not saying the rich and famous have no life, but finding joy is just as difficult for them as for anyone else.

You know the rich and famous
Kill themselves to stay rich and famous.
Very same thing that they built their name with
Be the same thing that they be enslaved with. (Never Land by Andy Mineo)

Fame and fortune may seem like the ultimate life, the ultimate happiness, but joy is not buried in numbers, hidden in the top floor of some building, or waiting behind a screen. There are so many people dressed to the nines for this or that award show, but in ten years, no one (except for a few die-hard fans) will remember their name. Those still in the hearts and minds of the populace have to work really hard at it, and they must get used to compromise, invasion of privacy, and the overall abuse from the media.

Though their struggle does not seem apparent to the jealous, it is still just as real as the struggles of any minimum wage earner. This is not to minimize anyone’s struggle, it is to put everyone’s struggles in perspective.

We are all human. We are all weak. Even though a person portrayed a superhero or supervillain in a movie, it doesn’t mean they are actually invincible or stronger than anyone else. Sure, they may be more beautiful or ripped than the average individual, yet their beauty will melt away one day, along with their strength, and they must decide what kind of person they will be in that day.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should stop focusing on this or that person, thinking about how they have it better in life. You are far more blessed than you know, but if you never take your eyes off of other people and their lives, then you will never see the wonderful life God has given you. Even the rich and famous have to take a step back sometimes and think of how blessed they are, even without all the stuff. If they don’t stop and consider, then they will just keep running and reaching, and they will find that the “better” they hoped for is still just beyond their grasp.

There comes a point in each of our lives when we have to stop running and consider what we are running for. Is the finish line ahead worth the struggle? Is the goal worth the sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears? A lot of people, if they would just stop and consider, would discern that the end is not worth the price. Fame and fortune do not, nor can they ever, bring hope and joy to a soul.

You can’t buy happiness.

You can buy a nice car, a nice house, or even a human being. But that car will break down, the house can go up in flames, and that human being can inflict more pain on you than any debilitating illness.

It doesn’t pay to be rich and famous. It doesn’t pay to live on a pedestal. You are not God, and those people you admire so much behind that screen, or just behind that line of security, they are also nothing close to being God.

If you want joy, hope, purpose, healing, or any other good thing, you need Jesus. Your need for Jesus is not less than or greater than anyone else; we are, all of us, equally lost, equally desperate for true life, and Jesus is our only rescue.

Though someone may be placed on a pedestal because of their money, looks, talent, or fame, that does not mean they don’t desperately need Jesus, just like you and me. And, ultimately, Jesus is the only One worthy to be placed upon a pedestal, and He was. But the pedestal He was placed upon was the cross; a torture device. From that “pedestal,” Jesus could see everyone, and those who hated Him outnumbered those who loved Him. He didn’t come for the fame or the fortune, He came to save those Who were lost in their pursuit of sin and other worthless treasures. And from His position above the crowds, He saw and felt the sins and imperfections of every single human being present.

When Jesus was placed on a pedestal, it was not His imperfections that were revealed, but the imperfections of the entire human race.

When I consider what Jesus did for me, how He was worthy of all praise and adoration, yet He was crushed and despised, how can I do anything else but deflect any praise toward me and give it all back to Him?

Dear Jesus, help me to be humble, to give You the praise You have earned; holding no praise back for personal affirmation. The only affirmation I need is the knowledge that I am walking in Your will. Separate me from my flesh and its desire for fame, fortune, and praise. Place within me a servant’s heart like Your own, and help me to take joy in Your presence, resting in the knowledge that You are reigning on high and I am not. If I should be placed on a pedestal by anyone, I pray You would give me the courage to step down and tell them the truth of who I am and who You are. All I have is from You. All I am is because of You. Thank You for taking the cross upon Yourself, so I wouldn’t have to. Thank You so much for walking out of the grave, so that I could, too. I love You, Jesus, more and more every day. Amen.

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