I cannot contain myself.

It is not often that I read a text on my phone and suddenly become overwhelmed with a joy that brings tears to my eyes and knocks me off my feet.

I have been praying for that text for a long time. Though the journey is not over yet, knowing that healing has begun is one of the biggest answers to prayer I have been blessed to witness.

Through all the happy tears, knowing all the prayers I have prayed, all the prayers that so many people have prayed, all I could say was, “Thank you.”

So many words have been poured out in supplication, but, “Thank you,” was all I could say.

But I think that, just as God saw all the tears poured out in supplication, so, too, He is fully aware of tears shed in joy. In both circumstances, He is present and rejoices to be invited into that sacred space.

I am not a person who usually cries in public. There were only two times when I could not keep from crying, because I was so overwhelmed by the grace of God and the wonder of how He works. In both instances, I felt no shame in those tears; all I felt was Jesus, Himself.

Maybe you are not a person who cries, whether in private or in public. But I pray that God would overturn your normal and overwhelm you in such a way that you cannot help but cry, whether out of joy or out of brokenness. Both kinds of tears can bring a refining of the soul and strengthening of the spirit when they fall at the feet of the King.

Jesus is aware of every tear you have cried, every prayer you have prayed, and every emotion you leave bottled up inside. It is not necessary for every emotion to bubble up and out, but it is essential to be vulnerable before the Lord and invite Him into every sacred and solemn space in your life, especially in those places where you don’t let anyone else come in. Even if all you can say is two words like, “I’m sorry,” “Thank You,” or “Help me,” just know that God is listening and He will have compassion on your soul, and come into your mess and fill it with purpose, life, and joy.

Well, I just wanted to send a little shout out to Jesus, and though there are still some unanswered prayers, I will keep on praying and keep on praising, because my God is faithful to listen and to answer. Amen!

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