Let Freedom Ring

Forget the fireworks, the parades, and the burgers on the grill.

Independence Day is almost here, but what does that day mean to you? What are you free from or free to do? How is that day different from any other?

If you know your history, you know that freedom comes at a heavy price.

In 1775, those who wanted to separate from Britain were labeled as radicals, not freedom fighters. By mid-1776, the attitudes and ideas of this young nation had finally shifted and the leaders of the age decided it was time to draft a formal statement justifying the break away from Great Britain. The vote in favor of that resolution was almost unanimous. However, much blood was shed before that point, and even after the Declaration of Independence was written and signed, the war for freedom was not over.

To this day, every one of us fights for freedom in some way; whether that relates to education, ownership, religion, diet, etc. There are many fronts to the war for freedom, but the front we most often see publicized is the fight against obvious sins like abortion and same-sex marriage. Fighting against those things is a noble cause, but the fight cannot be won in the flesh, only in the spirit.

Many sins seem to be ignored when placed next to issues like abortion and same-sex marriage, yet that does not make the fight against those sins any less important. Maybe we are not fighting this war on the right front. We should fight against sin, especially the sin within the church, but we cannot defeat sin without Christ as our banner and His Word as our foundation for truth and hope. People are going to do wrong, no matter how many signs they read or how many times they are boycotted. Ultimately, they will pay the price for their wrongdoing, but the truth that can save them from hell and from the power of sin over their lives is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

Jesus is the only One Who can save a life from sin and bring the lost to the light, and His Gospel cannot fit on a poster or billboard.

If the lost only read your signs, and never read your Bible or hear the Good News of Jesus, then what chance do you have of winning the war against sin?

When you live your life for Jesus and proclaim His truth, you may be called, radical, but when a cause is just, a soldier must stand his ground. If you do not speak and live out what you say, then the world will never know the taste of freedom or the joy of truth.

The Holy Bible is a greater declaration of independence and truth than anything written by man, and the price to write that declaration and seal it was higher than any price paid by our forefathers.

If the Declaration of Independence had been written and signed before the war began, before the cause was established, then it would have been nothing but a useless piece of paper. But because men had died on behalf of freedom, and because men were willing to die for freedom, that piece of paper survived and remains to this day. In a much greater way, that is the reason why the Bible remains today.

Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, sealed the eternal testament, the Holy Bible, with His blood, granting redeeming life to all those who would believe on His name. If Jesus had not died and resurrected, then Scripture would be worthless, and it would not have endured to this day. However, the Holy Bible has endured, and its eternal worth has been established.

You hold freedom in your hands; the greatest weapon in any war. In many countries, it is illegal to own one copy of the book you are privileged to own countless copies and versions of.

The worst leaders of the current age (and past ages) hate Scripture and burn it at every opportunity, but through their hatred, they show a belief in the power of the Gospel to overcome evil. If their people would get a hold of the Bible, and if God would get a hold of their people, then their power would be stripped away entirely.

For the Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and spirit, of joints and marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12)

 “In God We trust” is our nation’s motto, but how do you show your trust? Are you a radical in the cause for Christ or are you complacent in this fight? Will you hold back when the going gets tough, or will you put your neck on the line for the sake of your eternal freedom and/or the eternal freedom of another? I pray that each one of us would have the courage to stand, to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ, and let freedom ring from sea to shining sea, from here into eternity. Amen.


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