Did He Know?


There is dust in the air. The room reverberates with a continual banging sound, which only stops for a few minutes at a time. Eventually, the dust settles and the room grows silent. A newly assembled table stands in the center of the room. There are still finishing touches to be done, but all of the pieces are firmly held together, and they will not easily be moved.

A carpenter’s work must stand the test of time if they want to be seen as a master of their craft. They have to take meticulous with each cut, groove, and fit before any nails or glue are used to keep everything in place. Carpenters work diligently to hone their craft, but they work for more than just a temporary satisfaction in their work; they want the work of their hands to outlast them and be appreciated by many generations to come.

Like any other carpenter, Jesus would have wanted His work to stand the test of time. He would have considered every angle before driving nails through wood. And I imagine that, once the work was complete, He would have taken a step back to look at the finished product. He may have even said to Joseph, his earthly father, on multiple occasions, “It’s finished.”

Did Jesus know, then, that nails would be driven through His hands and feet, and that He would hang on a wooden cross?

He knew. There is no way He could not have known. The sobering thought of how He would die may have entered His mind on multiple occasions. Though we only read those times of revelation when Jesus was with His disciples, He knew long before then.

Though Jesus was fully man, yet He was still fully God. There were things He knew without ever being taught. He appeared to age like everyone else, but He was still the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.

During His earthly ministry, He was intentional in everything He did, just like He would have been as a carpenter. He knew what needed to be done to complete His work, and He knew when it needed to be completed. He was meticulous, considering every word and action; knowing that what would hold His actions together, ensuring they would stand the test of time, would be His death and resurrection.

As Jesus hung on that cross, He said, “It is finished.”

The nails were in place, the work would not be moved, and every person there could tell that something was finished. They thought it was the end of Jesus’ life, but they didn’t know what He was making. They couldn’t see how sin’s rule over mankind was over.

Sin had been nailed to that cross, and it would stay there, never again to enslave those who trust in Jesus’ name.

Jesus was not making a cross that would stand in every living room and church as a sign of shame, torment, and defeat. He left behind an empty cross and an empty tomb, which are signs of victory and salvation to all those who believe on the name of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The words, “It is finished,” continue to echo in the hearts of all those who have received salvation, because they are no longer bound to serve sin. They have been set free from slavery, because of Jesus’ work on the cross and His resurrection from the grave.

Jesus put sin to death, and brought salvation to life; bringing the hope of salvation to all people.

The disciples couldn’t see what Jesus was doing, but He, being the Master of us all, knew exactly what He was doing. Jesus mercifully showed His risen self to His disciples, and He has shown His light into the hearts of all those who believe; promising to never leave or forsake them. The Master’s work is like none other, and He will always deliver on what He promises.

Though there will be times when Jesus’ followers will grow discouraged or lose their way, yet they have committed themselves to the Shepherd and Bishop of their souls, and He holds them secure. The work in their souls was finished when they first believed, and Jesus’ work always stands the test of time.

Surely, the Lord knows those who are His.

Dear Jesus, help us to rejoice in Your presence, knowing that Your work is complete in us. Though we stumble at the smallest things, may Your Holy Spirit bear us up and give us the wisdom to do Your work today. There are so many souls who don’t know the depths of Your love for them. They have no idea how far You went and how You are the One Who has been calling them. Their ears are bombarded with so many voices, but Yours is the only voice they need to hear. Give us courage to speak Your Word, even in the face of those who mocking, persecution, and hatred. May we never give up or despair in the face of trials, but rejoice in the knowledge that we are doing exactly what You planned for us to do. Thank You for calling us; for knowing what we would do, yet still loving us unto death on the cross. Thank You for rising from the grave and offering us that same victory. We are undeserving of Your mercy and grace, but I pray we would receive all of Your precious gifts wholeheartedly. May they be multiplied to the glory of Your name as we seek to live righteously and produce the fruits of Your Spirit. Thank you for being our righteousness and giving us the strength to do Your work. Though we cannot know our end, yet we know that our eternity is with You, and on that, we place all our hope. Amen and Amen.

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